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Maleva Ristananda (2020)

Maleva Ristananda (2020)


Conducting for ICC SATU The Musical: INCOGNITO (2018)


With Leonard Tan (Conductor) & Composers of Ensemble de la Belle Musique Christmas Concert (2018)


MALEVA RISTANANDA is a young accomplished pianist and a skillful composer from Indonesia. Her eclectic style in writing music embraces the mix of Classical, Jazz, Ethnic, Contemporary, to Atonal. 

She started her musical journey as a classical pianist at the age of four. Growing up, she enjoys listening to film music, orchestral works, and jazz repertoires. By the age of 10, she composed her first piece for a piano solo titled Dance of the Waterfall. Continuously composing throughout the years and studying scores from different composers made her fall in love with the art of orchestration, and she decided to pursue a Music Degree at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She is currently studying composition and arranging under the tutelage of Belinda Foo and Felix Phang. Being exposed to the world of composing and its limitless possibilities in creation made her want to explore even more.

In 2019 she worked with one of Jakarta's biggest theatre company/organization (Jakarta Movement of Inspiration) in composing for their mini-musical performance. She also co-arranged their second single "Unstoppable" in which she also performed in the performance debut at the Jakarta's Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre. 

Her major influences in composing are John Williams, Alexandre Desplat. Thomas Newman, and Hans Zimmer. Many of her compositions that were written are picturesque and blissful to listen to. In 2018, her piece “Snow Begins to Fall Again” was selected by the Ensemble de la Belle Musique to be performed at the Esplanade Recital Studio for their Christmas Concert. Her piece was selected among more than 30 original compositions from 12 countries. She was only 19 years old at that time, and that made her the youngest composer to be featured in the concert.

She has also made other works, such as composing and arranging for ICC SATU The Musical: Incognito, Arseri Creative House, and Skylite Musicals.

Besides composing, she enjoys singing and performing. Maleva’s distilled voice brought her the attention of her peers and teachers, and she also likes to incorporate it into her music. Additionally, she performed often with bands during her teenage years.

A number of pieces she has composed can be found in her SoundCloud, and she can be contacted through email or Instagram account.

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